Tips and Suggestions to Increase the Bankroll in MEGA888 Poker

You do not have to play live poker to figure out your opponent’s poker moves at the table. Online poker is different. Your opponent’s expressions, movements and actions are not visible to you or other players. However, you can still get valuable information from your opponent. This information can be used to determine what online poker is telling you to look for, and to make informed decisions that will improve your poker bankroll and your win rate.

The most useful and common online poker tells is the Timing Tells. Your opponent will take some time before he acts on his hand. Instant bets are the first sign of bad timing. This is when your opponent acts without taking the time to evaluate his hand, the flop and his opponent’s hands. Instant bets can be large and often larger than the pot, especially if you are playing online poker.

 It is a sign that the player placed his bet immediately. It is very likely that he has a large hand AA or QQ, KK, JJ, KK or a draw. It is important to remember that the instant bettor’s poker style is always to place continuation bets. However, if three players see the flop, and the third person bets immediately, then he almost always has the best hand. To get a better understanding about your opponents’ play style, you will need to play some hands with them.


Instant bet telling is even more reliable when MEGA888 ORIGINAL players face a bet and rise almost immediately. The poker tells is so easy because the raiser has no time to analyze the action or work out his opponents’ stack sizes. He can then calculate how much he could win or lose in the hand. If it beats all the other hands, he will usually have an over pair or straight draw or flush.

This tells can be a sign that you need to play only your best hands and fold the rest. Keep in mind, however, that some players will be addicted to action and just instinctively place quick bets. You need to make sure the instant bettor you are playing against is not one of these players.

Pay attention to your opponent’s speed in calling a bet. These instant calls are often made by players who have already checked the flop. This player will hold decent hands, but not great hands flush, second pair or top pair with weak kickers, will check the flop and see a wager, then instantly call the bet without having to think about his pot odds or outs. This poker player will not fold or raise his hand. He just wants to call every size bet.