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Format Type:Ebook
Author:Clare London
Publisher:Wilde City Press
ISBN 13:
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Category:m-m-romance, contemporary, mystery, romance, erotica, glbt

Freeman by Clare London

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Freeman Freeman s return to the city is quiet without fuss Another client another case He ll source what they need and be on his way But he s been missed by more people than he thought his ex wife his ex lover and his ex business partner And at least one of them wants him the hell gone again .

Freeman private controlled just does his job But when he strikes up an unusual friendship with the young runaway Kit trouble comes looking for both men ready to expose secrets that can destroy their fragile trust Yet for Kit Freeman s more than ready for the challenge .


Don't Read in the Closet: GayRomLit Retreat 2011 Special Edition

This free ebook is a collection of short stories celebrating love sex and romance between men It is a product of the Goodreads a M M Romance Group a i b Hot Summer Days b i event and features authors attending the GayRomLit Retreat in New Orleans if you like what you read come join our group br br Read these stories a href https www goodreads com topic group folder group id rel nofollow online a or download the anthology from ARe br br Note These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only br br J P Barnaby IT S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT First Love br L C Chase OPEN TACKLE Friends to Lovers br Jaya Christopher CODY AND THE HERMIT BDSM Cowboys br Poppy Dennison BLINDSIDED Hurt Comfort br Taylor V Donovan HEATSTROKE Angst br Rachel Haimowitz JUNGLE HEAT Military br Jambrea Jo Jones WILD BLUE YONDER Military br Lissa Kasey and Xara X Xanakas SINK OR SWIM Established Couple br K lee Klein OUTFOXED Rock Stars br Marguerite Labbe TEARS OF THE SEA Paranormal Fairytales br Clare London SAY A LITTLE PRAYER Paranormal Angels br Belinda McBride FREE TO FLY BDSM br Michele L Montgomery TEARS FROM ABOVE Paranormal Angels br Cherie Noel KISS AND TELL Mild Kink br Lydia Nyx MOON OVER MONTANA Shifter Cowboys br M J O Shea BRIDGES First Love br S J D Peterson INNOCENCE TO THE MAX Paranormal BDSM br Devon Rhodes HIS LAST RESORT Coming Out br Jaime Samms MOURNING Hurt Comfort br P D Singer THE BOY NEXT DOOR Friends to Lovers br Andrea Speed MY BLOODY VALENTINE Paranormal Sorcerer br Damon Suede SEEDY BUSINESS Sci Fi br V J Summers LIAR LIAR Friends to Lovers br Bryl R Tyne ALIPIO Fantasy br Piper Vaughn WANTING First Love br Missy Welsh YOU AND BILLION BLUE TILES First Love br Eden Winters SWEET DREAMS Coming Out

True Colors (True Colors, #1)

From the very first Zeke Roswell and Miles Winter are like oil and water After a tragic fire claimed his brother s life Zeke s personal and professional life spiraled out of control and now he has no choice but to sell his gallery to cover his debts Enter successful entrepreneur Miles who buys it and plans to make a commercial success out of Zeke s failure Their initial hostility stands no chance against the strong passion that ambushes them Zeke s talent and lust for life intoxicate Miles and Zeke finds Miles self assurance and determination equally fascinating But it s not until an unsolved mystery of violence and stolen sketches threatens to sabotage any chance at happiness that Miles and Zeke realize they have a chance at all

72 Hours

Tanner Mackay and Niall Sutherland were once far more than just fellow intelligence agents But then a mission went horribly wrong and everything fell apart sending Tanner into hiding and splitting the team and their affair wide apart br br Now an unknown traitor is threatening the team and their ex boss is determined to reunite them before it s too late She finds Tanner in a run down trailer park bringing with her a most unwelcome refugee in need of temporary sanctuary Niall the man he thought he d never have to face again The man he s sure feels exactly the same in return br br Trapped in a situation that s both claustrophobic and highly dangerous Tanner and Niall will have to revisit their past and reconsider their perceptions their loyalties and their desires in order to survive let alone forge a future together

How the Other Half Lives (London Lads, #2)

b nd Edition b br br Compulsive neat freak meets chaotic slob Can their living space survive the conflict br br Martin Harrison keeps himself to himself and his Central London flat as neat as a new pin Maybe he should loosen up and enjoy more of a social life but in his mind that s tantamount to opening the floodgates to emotional chaos He agrees however to join the flat sitting scheme in his building and look after another tenant s flat in exchange for a similar watch over his when he s travelling for his work br br A floor away in the same building Russ McNeely is happy with his life as a freelance cook and a self confessed domestic slob He also joins the flat sitting scheme both to be neighbourly and to help keep his flat in order as Russ also travels for his work br br For a while the very dissimilar men never meet Martin is horrified at the mess at Russ s flat while Russ finds Martin s minimalist style creepy But in a spirit of generosity each of them starts to help the other out by rearranging things in their own inimitable way br br Until the day a hiccup in the schedule brings them face to face at last br br i First Edition published by Amber Quill Press Amber Allure i

Romancing the Wrong Twin (Romancing the..., #1)

How tangled can a romantic web get br br When gruff mountaineer Dominic Hartington George seeks sponsorship for his latest expedition his London PA insists on a more media friendly profile like dating celebrity supermodel Zeb Z br br Zeb can t make the date so he asks his identical twin Aidan to stand in for just one evening Aidan a struggling playwright shuns the limelight to the extent people don t even know Zeb has a sibling but he reluctantly agrees br br When the deception has to continue beyond the first date Aidan fights to keep up the pretense Dominic likes his sassy intelligent companion and Aidan starts falling for the forthright explorer But how long can Aidan s conscience cope as confusion abounds Will coming clean as the other twin destroy the trust they ve built

Sparks Fly

Nic Gerrard is this year s brightest young entrepreneur charming and charismatic with time for everyone Aidan West is his cleverest programmer fiercely committed to his work and with little time for friendship or socializing Together they created the successful dating agency Sparks with a new and refreshing approach to matching people br br A year later their lives are very different Nic has all the trappings of success and as much company as he wants Aidan is solitary and disapproving of such a lifestyle When Nic decides to update the agency s unique matching program he and Aidan must work together again Getting along gets harder as they deal with a malicious hacker and face a crisis at the agency It will take both of them to make the agency work and somehow they have to find a way to put their differences aside Nic and Aidan have secrets to keep and whether they ll admit it or not they each need something or someone to help Sparks fly


The past always catches up with you Max Newman should know he s been running from his ever since he dropped out of Uni and made a disastrous move to the seedier side of London Now he s returned to Brighton to lick his wounds Though Max believes the club scene is better left behind him one night he lets his friends drag him out dancing And suddenly the simple life he s tried to lead gets complicated br br At Compulsion the Medina Group s newest hotspot Max meets Seve Nunez a member of the Medina management and a man used to taking what he wants The sexual chemistry between Max and Seve immediately leads to an intimate encounter in the backyard of the club just the kind of dangerous behavior Max tried to leave behind Despite that he can t help but crave more and Seve seems just as eager br br But Max soon suspects that Seve may not be the scrupulous businessman he claims Max has seen the Medina Group at work before and what he saw got a good friend killed He s not sure what future he has with Seve but he ll have to decide whether to trust in Seve s innocence or keep running The wrong choice could land them both in mortal danger


Freeman s return to the city is quiet without fuss Another client another case He ll source what they need and be on his way But he s been missed by more people than he thought his ex wife his ex lover and his ex business partner And at least one of them wants him the hell gone again br br Freeman private controlled just does his job But when he strikes up an unusual friendship with the young runaway Kit trouble comes looking for both men ready to expose secrets that can destroy their fragile trust Yet for Kit Freeman s more than ready for the challenge br br ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED br REISSUED July at WILDE CITY PRESS

Romancing the Ugly Duckling (Romancing the..., #2)

Is this the makeover of a lifetime br br Ambitious fashionista Perry Goodwood lands the project of his dreams track down a celebrity family s missing brother in the Scottish Highlands and bring him back to London for a TV reality show But first he must transform the rugged loner into a glamorous sophisticate br br Greg Ventura has no use for high fashion He lives on the isolated island of North Uist to escape the reminder that he s nowhere near as handsome as his gorgeous brothers and avoid the painful childhood memories of being bullied br br Greg wants nothing to do with city life and Perry s never been outside London When Perry is stranded on North Uist this conflict seems insurmountable But Greg is captivated by the vivacious Perry and Perry by both the island and his host However Perry s one heartfelt wish remains that ugly duckling Greg fulfill his potential as a swan

The Tourist

i Visiting isn t a science at least not for me It s just what I do Not that I mind though It s not a bad thing you understand to find yourself in someone else s body stepping into a hot shower stark naked and sporting a decent sized morning wood i br br Ace is a tourist A spirit who spends his time visiting the lives of others for entertainment and sexual satisfaction He can t make anyone do anything they aren t willing to do but he is able to push them to their personal limits br br He s currently visiting Dan and his lover Ricky a couple struggling with jealousy and words left unsaid Emboldened by Ace Dan becomes more sexually aggressive a pleasant surprise for Ricky But when an abusive ex threatens their newfound happiness how far will Ace want to get involved Will his fascination with the couple s sexual games tempt him to protect them from a very real physical danger

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