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Title:Entertainment for a Master
Format Type:Ebook
Author:John Preston
Publisher:Cleis Press
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:200
Category:Bdsm, M m romance, Gay, Erotica, Romance

Entertainment for a Master by John Preston

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Mr. Benson

Mr Benson is the compelling story of a young man s quest for the perfect master In a West Village leather bar he finds wealthy sophisticated exacting Aristotle Benson who leads him down the path of erotic enlightenment teaching him to accept cruelty as love anguish as affection and ultimately Mr Benson as his master br br If John Preston the masterly handsome author of more than books was himself a gay icon his character Mr Benson defined the culture of gay sex for an entire generation When Mr Benson appeared in the pre AIDS early s its unabashed celebration of male sexuality made it a cult favorite among gay men many of whom wore T shirts declaring that they were looking for Mr Benson The novel s fresh voice and insights into identity desire power and love influenced a generation of writers and editors including Anne Rice Samuel Delany Michael Lowenthal Laura Antoniou Joan Nestle Michael Rowe and Cecilia Tan Mr Benson was Preston s first novel and was followed by many more books from the proud self styled pornographer

Flesh and the Word: An Anthology of Erotic Writing

In an era of changing attitudes this ground breaking anthology offers an exciting selection of gay erotic writing from the early days of pulp paper and underground distribution to today s imaginatively provocative writing While providing a fascinating look at the course of gay consciousness over the past fifty years it also most enthrallingly offers the best sexually arousing fiction centering on gay men br p Featuring two original tales by Anne Rice this elegantly written collection also includes such literary luminaries as Edmund White and Alan Hollinghurst and such legendary cult figures as Larry Townsend and Pat Califia The stories here range from the nonphysical but highly charged Brian s Bedroom by Leigh Rutledge to the famous boundary pushing story Blue Light by Aaron Travis a fantasic haunting piece that explores reversal compulsion domination and otherness in a Texas boarding house But whether an understated gem or an unforgettable flamboyant display of sexuality each of these works has a power of its own while editor John Preston s commentary places them all in context This collection of short fiction and nonfiction is for both gay and straight readers who enjoy masterully written erotica It is at once a cross section of fine erotic writing a chronical of gay male sexuality and its growing influence on the culture at large and an imporatnt addiction to gay literature br br br Contents br br Correspondence with George Platt Lynes by Samuel M Steward br The sergeant with the rose tattoo by Samuel M Steward writing as Phil Andros br From Cruising horny corners by Clay Caldwell writing as Lance Lester br Workout by Roy F Wood br Peekers by T R Witomski writing as Ray Waldheim br They call me Horsemeat by D V Sadero writing as Rick Lane br A cowboy Christmas by Lars Eighner br The shirt by Robin Metcalfe br Negative image by Michael Lassell writing as Michael Lewis br Brian s bedroom by Leigh Rutledge br Blue light by Steven Saylor writing as Aaron Travis br Getting Timchenko by Steven Saylor writing as Aaron Travis br Belonging by Pat Califia br Elliott the garden and the bar by Anne Rice br Elliott below stairs by Anne Rice br From Run little leather boy by Larry Townsend br Malory s big brother from The green hotel stories by Gordon Hoban br From A boy s own story by Edmund White br From The beautiful room is empty by Edmund White br The Brutus cinema from The swimming pool library by Alan Hollinghurst br Mmmmpfgh by Andrew Holleran br Thinking off by Scott O Hara writing as Spunk br Safe sex without condoms by John Wagenhauser br Soggy Biscuit by Barry Lowe br The reality of a dream by W Delon Strode br The group by John Wagenhauser writing as Wolfgang br Good with words by Stephen Greco p

I Once Had a Master

John Preston brings it back to the basics a hand on a neck a boot that needs a spit shine a trick who leaves with bruises and sweet memories In books such as the S M classic Mr Benson Preston explored power exchange in all its battered beauty The sex stories in I Once Had a Master combine a hard core sensibility with rare psychological insight br br In Authenticity a top turns down two fawning bottoms in full leather regalia in favor of the sweet faced novice who offers genuine surrender In Pedro a college boy has a summer affair with a truck driver and finds himself flirting with other men just to provoke his lover s rage The lonely bottom in Interludes develops his body to perfection then seeks out the Daddy who will cherish this gift

Franny, the Queen of Provincetown

Franny is every hero of the gay liberation movement rolled together in one big wonderful brightly dressed drag queen With genuine caring and concern for her boys Franny looks after the gay men of Provincetown with the ultimate goal of making a place in the world for those who don t belong and making the world better for all

The Love of a Master

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Entertainment for a Master

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My Life as a Pornographer & Other Indecent Acts

i From Library Journal i br br Writer editor health educator and author of the S M cult classic i Mr Benson i Preston here collects years worth of essays and lectures on a wide variety of topics with one common theme sex The work offered here runs the gamut from the essential and enlightening to the downright silly with A Modest Proposal for the Support of the Pornographic Arts definitely falling into the later category Preston s sex positive stand on safer sex education as the only truly effective AIDS prevention strategy will certainly not win him any conservative converts but AIDS activists will be shouting their assent As the title suggests Preston celebrates a time when homosexuality was defined in more purely sexual terms which gives some of the work an oddly nostalgic quality Despite some contradictions that weaken a few of the more conceptual arguments Preston s book is a bridge from the sexually liberated s to the more cautious s and Preston has walked much of that way as a standard bearer to the cause for equal rights Recommended for special collections and larger libraries where the topic will be of interest br br i Jeffery Ingram Newport P L Ore br Copyright Reed Business Information Inc i

In Search of a Master

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This important and searching book examines the full spectrum of the limitations and possibilities faced by today s gay men both socially and sexually More than two dozen writers contribute their experiences on the subjects of belonging alienation and community

Member of the Family: Gay Men Write About Their Families

In A Member of the Family the most talented gay writers of our time turn their hearts and psyches inside out to show us the families who gave birth to them raised them rejected them exiled them and loved them There are no stereotypes here Each essay commissioned specifically for this collection describes a family that is unique and so idiosyncratic that it can belong only to the author and so familiar and universal that it reminds us startlingly of our own John Preston begins the anthology with the question interviewers still ask him What do your parents think Then he remembers his past the angry letter he left for his parents the day he moved out of their home forever and the unsuspected impact that letter had on his younger brother Other authors write too of letters they left or sent of hurts they gave and received of reconciliations and unresolved conflicts The results are extraordinary Michael Nava writes of his stoic enigmatic grandfather embittered in middle age and a living portrait of the man Nava himself might become Eric Latzky on the other hand makes the heart ache with his portrayal of his grandfather Louis and Larry Duplechan mixes laughter and tears with his hard edged wise cracking description of his mother who called the love of his life crap and said learning he was gay was like hearing he d been killed in a car crash but he was still her baby Growing up with parents who survived the Holocaust left Harlan Greene with different kinds of scars and Brian Kirkpatrick has created a brilliant gem of introspection fantasy and pain about the mother who abandoned him in a Catholic orphanage Through their daring honesty and exceptional talents each of the twenty four authors has created modern American literature out of autobiography with masterfully rendered episodes that risk exposing so much about their lives and in turn effectively reveal to us much about our own A deeply emotional and beautifully conceived

Mr. Benson, The Love of a Master, Member of the Family: Gay Men Write About Their Families, Flesh and the Word: An Anthology of Erotic Writing, In Search of a Master, Hometowns, I Once Had a Master, My Life as a Pornographer & Other Indecent Acts, Entertainment for a Master, Franny, the Queen of Provincetown