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Title:O Pionniers!: O Pioneers! (French Edition)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Willa Cather, Gabriel Borde
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Number of Pages:212
Category:Fiction, Historical fiction, Classics

O Pionniers!: O Pioneers! (French Edition) by Willa Cather, Gabriel Borde

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC O Pionniers!: O Pioneers! (French Edition) She had felt as if her heart were hiding down there somewhere with the quail and the plover and all the little wild things that crooned or buzzed in the sun A rapturous work of savage beauty Willa Cather s tale of a pioneer woman who tames the wild hostile lands of the Nebraskan prairie is also the story of what it means to be American A new series of twenty distinctive unforgettable Penguin Classics in a beautiful new design and pocket sized format with coloured jackets echoing Penguin s original covers

My Ántonia

Through Jim Burden s endearing smitten voice we revisit the remarkable vicissitudes of immigrant life in the Nebraska heartland with all its insistent bonds Guiding the way are some of literature s most beguiling characters the Russian brothers plagued by memories of a fateful sleigh ride Antonia s desperately homesick father and self indulgent mother and the coy Lena Lingard Holding the pastoral society s heart of course is the bewitching free spirited Antonia

O Pioneers!

i O Pioneers i was Willa Cather s first great novel and to many it remains her unchallenged masterpiece No other work of fiction so faithfully conveys both the sharp physical realities and the mythic sweep of the transformation of the American frontier and the transformation of the people who settled it Cather s heroine is Alexandra Bergson who arrives on the wind blasted prairie of Hanover Nebraska as a girl and grows up to make it a prosperous farm But this archetypal success story is darkened by loss and Alexandra s devotion to the land may come at the cost of love itself br br At once a sophisticated pastoral and a prototype for later feminist novels i O Pioneers i is a work in which triumph is inextricably enmeshed with tragedy a story of people who do not claim a land so much as they submit to it and in the process become greater than they were

Death Comes for the Archbishop

There is something epic and almost mythic about this sparsely beautiful novel by Willa Cather although the story it tells is that of a single human life lived simply in the silence of the desert In Father Jean Marie Latour comes as the Apostolic Vicar to New Mexico What he finds is a vast territory of red hills and tortuous arroyos American by law but Mexican and Indian in custom and belief In the almost forty years that follow Latour spreads his faith in the only way he knows gently although he must contend with an unforgiving landscape derelict and sometimes openly rebellious priests and his own loneliness One of these events Cather gives us an indelible vision of life unfolding in a place where time itself seems suspended

The Song of the Lark

Perhaps Willa Cather s most autobiographical work The Song of the Lark charts the story of a young woman s awakening as an artist against the backdrop of the western landscape Thea Kronborg an aspiring singer struggles to escape from the confines her small Colorado town to the world of possibility in the Metropolitan Opera House In classic Cather style The Song of the Lark is the beautiful unforgettable story of American determination and its inextricable connection to the land br br The time will come when she ll be ranked above Hemingway Leon Edel

One of Ours

One of Ours is Willa Cather s Pulitzer Prize winning novel about the making of an American soldier Claude Wheeler the sensitive but aspiring protagonist has ready access to his family s fortune but refuses to settle for it Alienated from his uncaring father and pious mother and rejected by a wife whose only love is missionary work Claude is an idealist without ideals to cling to Only when his country enters the Great War does he find the meaning of his life

The Professor's House

On the eve of his move to a new more desirable residence Professor Godfrey St Peter finds himself in the shabby study of his former home Surrounded by the comforting familiar sights of his past he surveys his life and the people he has loved his wife Lillian his daughters and Tom Outland his most outstanding student and once his son in law to be Enigmatic and courageous and a tragic victim of the Great War Tom has remained a source of inspiration to the professor But he has also left behind him a troubling legacy which has brought betrayal and fracture to the women he loves most

A Lost Lady

Marian Forrester is the symbolic flower of the Old American West She draws her strength from that solid foundation bringing delight and beauty to her elderly husband to the small town of Sweet Water where they live to the prairie land itself and to the young narrator of her story Neil Herbert All are bewitched by her brilliance and grace and all are ultimately betrayed For Marian longs for life on any terms and in fulfilling herself she loses all she loved and all who loved her This Willa Cather s most perfect novel is not only a portrait of a troubling beauty but also a haunting evocation of a noble age slipping irrevocably into the past

Paul's Case

No description available

My Antonia / O Pioneers!

First published in My ntonia is the unforgettable story of an immigrant woman s life on the hardscrabble Nebraska plains Together here with i O Pioneers i a classic American tale of pioneer life and the transformation of the frontier this volume of Willa Cather s works captures a time a place and a spirit that are part of our national heritage

Shadows on the Rock

Superbly written with that sensitivity to sunset and afterglow that has always been Miss Cather s br i The New York Times br br i Willa Cather wrote i Shadows on the Rock i immediately after her historical masterpiece i Death Comes for the Archbishop i Like its predecessor this novel of seventeenth century Quebec is a luminous evocation of North American origins and of the men and women who struggled to adapt to that new world even as they clung to the artifacts and manners of one they left behind br br In Quebec is an island of French civilization perched on a bare gray rock amid a wilderness of trackless forests For many of its settlers Quebec is a place of exile so remote that an entire winter passes without a word from home But to twelve year old C cile Auclair the rock i is i home where even the formidable Governor Frontenac entertains children in his palace and beavers lie beside the lambs in a Christmas cr che As Cather follows this devout and resourceful child over the course of a year she re creates the continent as it must have appeared to its first European inhabitants And she gives us a spellbinding work of historical fiction in which great events occur first as rumors and then as legends and in which even the most intimate domestic scenes are suffused with a sense of wonder br

My Antonia / O Pioneers!, The Professor's House, Death Comes for the Archbishop, One of Ours, My Ántonia, O Pioneers!, Paul's Case, The Song of the Lark, A Lost Lady, Shadows on the Rock